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Mission Statement

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Capital Campaign

Calling all loyal volunteers and Bread & Butter Club members: Please connect us!

With Project Angel Heart’s capital campaign for a new facility steadily progressing, we have already reached the exciting stage of talking concretely with our Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC), Charles Jordy of Jordy & Co., about procuring construction materials and services. In case you are not already aware of his exceptional generosity, Charles Jordy is acting as CM/GC for this project at a greatly reduced fee, with an in-kind donation valued at $100,000. For this—and for the additional $650,000 worth of in-kind contributions we are receiving from our architect (Sink Combs Dethlefs), kitchen designer (Ricca Newmark Design) and landscape designer (DHM Design)—we count ourselves extremely fortunate. Yet Charles is going even farther above and beyond expectations by asking all of his subcontractors to donate some or all of their services in-kind, and he is interested in actively pursuing in-kind contributions from the additional sub-contractors and materials manufacturers that will be involved in seeing our new facility through to completion.

In January, Charles met with Project Angel Heart’s Board of Directors to request their assistance. He is already tirelessly tapping all contacts with whom he has a personal connection to secure as many in-kind contributions as possible. But he suspected that our board members would have additional contacts among construction supply and service companies that could lead to even more in-kind donations. Our board members, impressed by Charles’s passion for this project and willingness to coordinate the efforts of whichever subcontractors and materials manufacturers offer the best value to Project Angel Heart, suggested we broaden this call for contacts to our most loyal donors and volunteers: you.

Charles has stressed to us the importance of two key factors:

  1. Requests for in-kind assistance are infinitely more likely to receive a positive response when channeled through a personal contact within a particular company (rather than by a cold proposal to a charitable giving arm).
  2. While we certainly need to consider local connections, we also have to be thinking bigger: identifying connections to national-level manufacturers is also essential.

Charles has identified the following types of firms/companies with which it would be very valuable to identify connection via a loyal volunteer or donor:


  • Concrete subcontractors or supply companies
  • Asphalt paving or supply companies
  • Fencing and operable gates companies
  • Landscaping and/or irrigation companies for sprinkler systems
  • Millwork companies (for casework/cabinets and countertops)
  • Doors, frames, and hardware
  • Glass and glazing companies
  • Drywall subcontractors and suppliers
  • Painting supply companies and subcontractors
  • Fire protection supplies (extinguishers)
  • Plumbing contractors and suppliers
  • Toilet accessories (napkin holders, paper towel holders
      metal partitioners)
  • Wet pipe fire sprinklers  
    (a specialized effort that will likely involve Meridian Fire)



  • Excavation subcontract
  • Structural steel companies
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Signage companies
  • Lockers
  • Elevator
  • HVAC suppliers
  • Electrical suppliers
  • Alarm companies
  • Phone and data vendors
  • Window treatments (blinds)
  • Flooring supply companies and subcontractors  
    (including carpet, ceramic, and vinyl tile)



    At this point, there is no need for you to approach your contact, and be assured that we will not approach any of your contacts without first speaking with you to discuss an approach. For now, we are simply brainstorming and generating a comprehensive list of potential connections. If you do have any contacts within any of these categories, please send an e-mail to Lindsey Clark, Administrative Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at (303) 830-0202 x 10, letting us know the name of your contact, the company he or she works for (plus position/title/role), and how you know this person. We will compile a list, pass it along to Charles Jordy, and then we will be back in touch when and if any of your contacts might be a fit for us to pursue.

    With the level of in-kind support we have already received, we realize that this is an area of great strength in our campaign. Every dollar donated in in-kind labor or building supplies is a dollar we don’t have to raise, and we don’t receive what we don’t ask for. Please help us cast a wide net to create limitless possibilities by considering what contacts you have. Your participation in making our capital campaign a success will have a profound impact upon the legacy of our new facility and the lives of the thousands of annual clients the new building will allow us to serve! Thank you!

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