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Since 1991, Project Angel Heart has delivered meals to men, women, and children coping with life-threatening illness, free of charge.Read More

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We deliver meals to more than 900 ailing men, women, and children in Colorado. Each meal is freshly prepared with healthy ingredients.

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Our dedicated volunteers and donors are the main ingredients in our recipe for hope.

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December 1, 2011: December will be the month of trying to think of everything we have to do here in the kitchen before we move. We're already packing some of hte chef's' office supplies into boxesl and we are formulating strategies (scheming?) on what will go where and when. We've got a lot of stuff to move!

As I am typing this, the amazing and dedicated packing crew is working diligently, as they do every Thursday, to get our meals packed into the 800+ bags we send out each week. The two crews - kitchen and packing - currently share the kitchen during this process. It is very crowded in the kitchen right now! I can't help but think the packing crew is greatly looking forward to working in the spacious new Distribution Area of the new Project Angel Heart facility. We're kind of looking forward to it, too!

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