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We deliver meals to more than 900 ailing men, women, and children in Colorado. Each meal is freshly prepared with healthy ingredients.

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December 1, 2011: In this season of giving thanks, it is easy to rattle off a list of what I am thankful for, including many things I take for granted all too often: family I can count on; my health; nutritious food.

I recognize my rare good fortune in that I have never in my life worried about where my next meal would come from.  Moreover, I have never lay on my couch, too weak or fatigued or nauseated from a debilitating illness to go to the fridge for something to eat, only to find that it’s empty.  I have never been in that moment and then realized I don’t have the energy to get to the grocery store, nor do I have the money with which to buy groceries — unless I’d perhaps be willing to sacrifice having a place to live, buying my medications, or keeping my heat on.

Like many of you reading this, I imagine, this is not my reality. This is exactly why I believe that it is my moral imperative to help provide for those who are not capable of providing for themselves.

The Denver Post Charities’ Season To Share campaign makes it possible for thousands of donors — who, like me, want to do something to change the brutal realities that have become so commonplace for too many members of our community — to contribute in a meaningful way. At Project Angel Heart, we are providing home-delivered, nutritious meals to nearly 800 people every week.  The people we serve are fighting for their lives against a life-threatening illness and often have nowhere else to turn.  Thanks to our thousands of volunteers and loyal community donors, Project Angel Heart is, in essence, delivering food as medicine. Denver Post Charities’ Season To Share campaign recognizes this work and also generously supports our mission.  Without the Season To Share campaign, many of the clients we serve would still be hungry.  Fighting for their lives, sick, and hungry. 

When you stop to give thanks this holiday season, if health or nutritious food are on your list, I invite you to join me in doing something…anything…so that more people in our community can count those items on their lists.

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