a sampling of Project Angel Heart meals


Tito's Patio Sipper / Dining Out For Life 2021

Tito’s Handmade Vodka Sends Love During Dining Out For Life®

In support of Dining Out For Life®, our friends at Tito’s Handmade Vodka are donating $1 for every Tito’s cocktail sold at participating Denver/Boulder-area restaurants between April 23 and May 2, 2021. If you’re ordering a cocktail with your Dining Out For Life meal, please help us show a boatload of appreciation to this generous sponsor by choosing Tito’s.

table with breakfast foods on it

Seven Easy, Healthy Choices to Make While Dining Out

If you’re like us, you love dining out at local restaurants! There are so many talented and creative chefs in our community and LOTS of good food to eat. Luckily, dining out can be part of a nutritious, heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are some simple tips from Anthem to ensure your restaurant meal is enjoyable and also nutritious!

Gina Torres, Project Angel Heart volunteer with friends packing meals for clients

Gina Torres: Volunteer of the Month

Gina started volunteering during the beginning of the pandemic when she saw there was a call for meal delivery drivers. Once Gina began, I could see a trend – Gina is usually first in line to pick up meals every Friday, beating my long-standing record (friendly competition) and always offers to take an additional route if needed.

Happy National Volunteer Week

April 18-24, 2021, is National Volunteer Week! Across the entire country, communities and organizations recognize the impact of the individuals dedicated to civic service. At Project Angel Heart, our lifeblood is the volunteers and the only reason we continuously provide …

A Shot of Hope For Our Community

Our Denver kitchen and office space has always been a hub for community activity, a place where people come together to provide nutritious meals for Coloradans with life-threatening health conditions. This spring, our building in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood also became a COVID-19 community vaccination site.

Your Guide to Seasonal Produce in Colorado

Fruits and vegetables in season are fresher, tastier and more nutritious than out of season foods. Seasonal eating provides more variety and color in the diet. A colorful diet is full of many different nutrients that are essential for your body to function properly and help you feel your best!

All About Fiber!

There are many reasons to get plenty of fiber in your diet. Fiber helps keep you full longer and can help promote a healthy weight, keep your blood sugar steady, lower cholesterol, and improve heart health! Eating enough fiber also helps you avoid constipation and stay regular.