a sampling of Project Angel Heart meals


Rapid-Fire Q&A with Kate Johnston

Kate Johnston, chief operating officer, joined Project Angel Heart in October. Kate came to us from Children’s Hospital’s Breathing Institute, where she helped build and lead community-based efforts to keep children healthy at home. To really get to know Kate, …

pot with spoon and polenta

Matzo Meal Polenta

This is one of the sides in our Hanukkah meal. Matzo meal is a traditional food eaten during the Hanukkah celebration. Unlike other breads, matzo does not contain any fat and is lower in salt content, making it a simple …

Braised Beef with thyme

Braised Beef

Helping our clients celebrate holidays is important to us at Project Angel. This braised beef is the main dish in our Hanukkah meal. While not kosher, this meal incorporates flavors and ingredients that are typical on Jewish holiday tables. Our …