a sampling of Project Angel Heart meals


Easiest-Ever Hard-Cooked Eggs

At Project Angel Heart, we include hard-cooked (often referred to as hard-boiled) eggs—along with breakfast cereal, fruit, milk, peanut butter, and other items—in breakfast bags for clients who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. That means we need around 82 DOZEN hard-boiled eggs. EVERY WEEK. How do we do it?

Data Entry Volunteer Team Ensures New Clients Receive Delicious Nutrition They Need

The client services team completes 60+ intakes per week, none of which would be possible without the dedicated support of our Client Services volunteers! David, Linda, Mark, Kathy D, Nancy, and Michelle dedicate hours of their week to perform the tedious task of entering countless details into an ever-changing database. At the same time, Kathy K spends every Saturday morning filing these applications and other related paperwork into client records.

single sunflower in clear vase with water

Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Summer is a busy time for everyone. Project Angel Heart has many needs for volunteers across all areas, plus a few exciting new opportunities to serve the Boulder community. You’ll see there are lots of options available — please share …

macaroni and cheese

Mac ‘n Cheese

We give our mac ‘n cheese a nutrition boost by adding pumpkin (for additional fiber and micronutrients) and using Neufchatel cheese and sour cream to reduce the percentage of calories from fat. The result? This recipe is a client favorite and is requested frequently! We hope you enjoy it as much as our clients do.


Cooking Tips: How to Make Vegetables Taste Better

You likely know that eating vegetables is an essential part of a healthy diet, which is true! Vegetables contain many important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients like fiber that promote our health. But what if you don’t like eating vegetables? Sometimes, all it takes is a change in how you cook them to make vegetables delicious. Here are some examples of ways to cook vegetables to improve their flavor.