For Your Patients

Since 1991, Project Angel Heart has helped to improve the health and well-being of Coloradans with life-threatening diagnoses by preparing and delivering medically tailored meals to their homes. Our meals are proven to reduce hospital readmissions, reduce total monthly medical costs, and improve quality of life for meal recipients. 

Is My Patient Eligible To Receive Meals? 

Our meals are available for people living with a life-threatening illness who are having trouble getting adequate, appropriate nutrition on their own.  To be eligible, your patient must: 

  • Have a current diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, end stage renal disease, CHF, multiple sclerosis, or other such illness and documented difficulty preparing or accessing healthy meals due to treatment, side effects, or another disability
  • Live within our delivery area. Eligible clients living outside the delivery area may pick up meals at Project Angel Heart or set up delivery to a person living within the boundaries. People in rural areas may be eligible to receive meal shipments if covered by a contract with a Meals For Care Transitions health care partner. 
  • Age and/or income are not qualifying factors.

To determine if your patient is eligible, please submit a completed, signed application form.

If you have questions about eligibility or wait times, please call a member of our client services team at 303.830.0202 or 800.381.5612.

How to Apply For Meals For Your Patient

Step 1

For NEW Clients – Complete and submit a New Client Application form securely online or download an application (contact us if you are unable to download the form)

For EXISTING Clients Recertifying or Resuming Services – Complete and submit a Health Status Update form securely online or download the form

Step 2

If you are not using the secure online application form, return the completed application using one of these methods:

  • Upload completed application form here (this option coming soon)
  • Send an encrypted email to
  • Fax to our confidential line at 303.865.7002 or 303.830.1840
  • Mail to: Project Angel Heart, Attn: Client Services, 4950 Washington Street, Denver, CO 80216

Step 3

A client services team member is available if you wish to check the status of the application or verify the application was received.


Scotty, who was diagnosed with leukemia, received Project Angel Heart meals while undergoing treatment and recovering from a bone marrow transplant. The meals helped the former pirate treasure hunter, who was part of the crew that discovered the only fully authenticated pirate shipwreck ever recovered, stay strong and positve. “You guys send meals with all the nutrients,” said Scotty. “That’s been a great help, to help keep my body fit. Your body needs more than just pills.”

Information for Existing Clients

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