How you helped Don get back to doing what he loves

Don never let anything slow him down. A Cornell College graduate, he spent his early 20s working with the Peace Corps in Honduras, educating rural populations on HIV and AIDS at the height of the 1990s AIDS crisis. He began his teaching career in Honduras, studied for his master’s degree in education while teaching in Detroit Public Schools, and returned home to work at Fairview Elementary, at the time one of the most under-served schools in Denver.

Don never stopped, letting his passion for education commit him to the 60+ hour weeks and high stress that came with his job. As a self-described workaholic, he loved it.

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New Flavors Bring Joy, Relieve Stress for Meal Recipient

When Ken was diagnosed with kidney disease and told he’d need to start dialysis, he was given a list of foods he shouldn’t eat. “I looked at it and thought, ‘I can’t eat anything!’” Ken said.

An avid reader and lover of learning, Ken decided to learn all he could about what he should and shouldn’t eat to manage his kidney disease and other health conditions. His health care providers at Fresenius Kidney Care, where Ken receives dialysis, were happy to help. Continue reading

Meals Improve Energy, Health for This Tough Cookie

Jean is one tough cookie. She was a do-it-all rancher—serving as wrangler, cook for the ranch hands, and occasional veterinarian—in a remote part of eastern Washington. She rode her beloved Arabian horses in 100-mile trail riding competitions. She was a paramedic, driving a four-wheel-drive ambulance complete with a winch for getting out of deep snowdrifts. For a time, she worked in law enforcement with her husband, who passed away 25 years ago.

18-wheeler? No problem. Jean can drive one of those, too.

But that tough spirit and sense of fierce independence weren’t enough when Jean’s health started to fail, prompting her doctors to put her on hospice care. “It was scary,” said Jean, “but they explained it was a precaution.” A combination of factors—including debilitating arthritis, asthma, and a heart murmur—had limited her mobility. She wasn’t eating well. Her health was getting worse. Continue reading

Meals Help Erika Care for Son, Mom, and Herself

From the patio at her Colorado Springs condo, Erika has a stunning view of Pikes Peak. But she’s dreaming of her days on the beach back in Florida.

“I would take my jet ski out on my weekends and go out [on the water] and only come back to shore just to get more gas,” she remembers. “I would go from eight ‘til eight.”

Erika, who is originally from Panama, has been around the ocean for her entire life. Her move to Colorado changed that, but fortunately, she sees the beach in her near future. Her son, a high school senior and youth soccer coach, is looking at colleges in California and Florida. Erika’s doctors also say a warmer climate would be good for her health. Continue reading

Meet Scotty, Treasure Hunter and Cancer Survivor

Like other Project Angel Heart clients, Scotty is living with a life-threatening illness. Leukemia. And like other clients, he has a unique life story. The best part? It involves pirates and treasure.

Scotty was one of the divers who found the Whydah Gally, the only fully authenticated and positively identified pirate shipwreck ever recovered. Continue reading