Meals Help Nine-Year Cancer Survivor Remain Independent

Roberta Olson doesn’t want to be a burden to her two adult children. But, as a 53-year-old living with stage 4 cancer, she finds herself in the unexpected position of relying on them for almost everything.

That’s one of the reasons the medically tailored meals delivered to her door by Project Angel Heart volunteers mean so much to her. “[The meals] help me feel a little bit independent,” she said. “I don’t have to rely on my kids for this. It’s one less thing they have to do.”

Roberta was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2008. Four years later, her cancer had progressed to stage 4 and moved into her bones, weakening them and making it difficult for her to walk. “I couldn’t even stand in the kitchen long enough to cook,” said Roberta. Continue reading

Lynn & Marie’s Story

In 2009, Lynn and her daughter started volunteering at Project Angel Heart. Seven years later, Lynn’s mom, Marie, was diagnosed with cancer and kidney disease. Project Angel Heart began delivering nutritious, freshly prepared meals to Marie’s home. The meals helped Marie gain much-needed weight, provided relief for Lynn, and sent a simple, yet important, message: you can do this. Continue reading