COVID-19 Volunteer Safety Protocols

Our clients, all of whom are already facing life-threatening health conditions, are among the most vulnerable people in our state, so we are taking extra precautions to keep them, our volunteers, and our staff safe and healthy. We are closely monitoring guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and continue to update our safety protocols based on their recommendations.

Denver office and kitchen

As Project Angel Heart works to create a safe environment for our volunteers and staff, we have put safety protocols in place. Thank you for following these protocols.

Important safety protocols for all staff and volunteers

  • You may choose whether or not to wear your mask while indoors at Project Angel Heart. If you would like to remove your mask, please submit an electronic copy of your vaccination card to All electronic copies of vaccination cards will be destroyed in line with HIPAA policies once your vaccination status is confirmed. If you have trouble scanning your card, you can bring your card to our office and we will confirm your vaccination status in-person. You must wear a mask until a team member has confirmed receipt of your vaccination status. Note: Project Angel Heart is not able to obtain a copy of your card, even if you were vaccinated at our facility. That information is managed by the State of Colorado. If you lost your vaccination card, you can learn how to receive a new copy here.
  • Use gloves at all times while preparing and/or dishing food in the kitchen.

Important safety protocols for meal delivery volunteers

  • Meal deliveries are still 100% no-contact; set the bag down at the door, knock/ring the bell, and then move back at least six feet and wait for the client to answer. You may enter apartment buildings, but do not enter a client’s home.
  • WEAR A MASK. Regardless of your vaccination status and State of Colorado guidelines, given the vulnerability of our client population, mask wearing during deliveries is required.
  • If the client is already waiting for you at the door or lobby, place the bag on the ground while maintaining a safe distance and step back at least 6 feet.
  • If a client insists on you coming inside to help put the meals away, please explain that you cannot go inside, and call client services immediately for further instructions. For an immediate response, call 303.830.0202. In these instances, do not text the missed delivery platform or leave messages on the missed delivery line as it will delay our response.
  • Please, no hugs, fist bumps, handshakes, or high fives when delivering meals to a client. Please stick to a friendly wave or bow.
  • Using hand sanitizer between deliveries is recommended, but not required. Please remember good hygiene practices.
  • Please decline taking used bags from clients, and ask them to recycle any on hand.
  • Please call our Client Services team at 303.830.0202 if you are concerned about a particular client’s ability to access meals.

If you’re waiting to come back to volunteer, or the role you normally volunteer in hasn’t returned yet, there are other ways we hope you can help us.

  • Meal bag decorating
  • Raise funds for us on Facebook
  • Ask us for other ways to help!

Colorado Springs office

Click here to see volunteer safety protocols specific to Colorado Springs activities.

Contact information

Denver and Colorado Springs volunteers, call 303.830.0202 with questions about safety protocol.