a sampling of Project Angel Heart meals

Food is Medicine

When Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991, our goal wasn’t to reduce health care costs or improve health outcomes. It was purely and simply to feed people who were sick. Over the years, we’ve evolved. In the early days, we’d have an occasional client tell us they were able to stay out of the hospital because of our meals. Today, we have thousands of client testimonials and data that shows Project Angel Heart clients spend less on medical care, are better able to stick to their prescribed treatment plans, and have better health outcomes.

We will always be here to feed people… providing meals made with love, just like that first pan of lasagna divvied up among our first 12 clients. But we’re incredibly excited to know that those meals made with love are also improving the health of our clients and our community.

Our Research:
Impact Study

Using medical claims data from the Colorado All Payers Claims Database (APCD), we examined the health care costs of Project Angel Heart clients before, during, and after they received meal deliveries. Find out what we learned.

Other Research:
Food Is Medicine

Medically tailored meals don’t just provide comfort for people with serious and life-threatening health conditions. They also lead to health improvements and reductions in medical costs. See our research on this topic, as well as research conducted by other medically tailored meal agencies from across the country.

Improving Health

Good nutrition is important for all people, but especially those dealing with chronic and life-threatening health conditions. Learn more and find recipes relevant to your specific for your unique health needs.