6 Fun Ways to LUNCH OUT on April 27


So… your company or group has decided to participate in our Dining Out For Life® LUNCH OUT program, but you’re not sure exactly how you’d like to be involved. Here are six easy and fun ways to participate!

  1. 14DOFL_lunchoutwomen2Invite a new colleague, client, or vendor to dine out with you at a participating restaurant. Take time to talk about the great things that your company is doing in the community, like participating in the Dining Out For Life® LUNCH OUT program!
  2. Too busy to dine out? Order in! Many participating restaurants offer delivery or takeout. Order lunch for the whole team and encourage people to sit down together for a few minutes.
  3. Celebrate April birthdays. Take everyone with an April birthday out to lunch, or order in and celebrate April birthdays with your entire team. This is also a great time to celebrate company milestones or achievements. 
  4. Plan a team happy hour. If you choose a participating brewery, 25 percent of your total check will be donated. If you gather at a participating restaurant, 25 percent of your food bill will be donated, so be sure to order plenty of appetizers to share!  
  5. Plan a cross-departmental lunch and invite one person from each department (or a select group of departments if your company is large) to attend. Use the time to get to know each other and learn more about each other’s roles. Talk about the unique things each department is doing, including LUNCHING OUT, to support the local community.
  6. Come up with your own list of ideas! Form a committee of employees from different departments to brainstorm unique ways to get employees at your company to LUNCH OUT. Get the creative juices flowing with snacks from a restaurant participating in Dining Out For Life. (Be sure to let them know you are supporting them because they are a Dining Out For Life restaurant!)