Volunteer loading meal bag into car

Community Impact

Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers meals for people living with severe illnesses. Each week, our professional chefs and registered dietitian prepare thousands of delicious meals, from scratch, and tailor them to meet the medical and dietary needs of those who are ill. Neighbors living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney/heart/lung disease, and other illnesses receive our meals, delivered by loving volunteers, free of charge to our clients.

Our Impact

Our Clients

  • 4,000+ Coloradans served annually
  • 54% live at or below 125% of the federal poverty level

Our Volunteers

  • 9,000+ people volunteer each year
  • 79,000+ hours of service annually
  • 560+ corporate groups volunteer each year

Our Meals

  • 550,000 medically tailored meals made every year 
  • 1,400+ people receive medically tailored meals each week
  • 49% of Colorado counties served


Latonia lives with congestive heart failure and a long list of related health issues. Because of her multiple health issues, Latonia often can’t stand long enough to cook for herself or her six-year-old son. With our heart-healthy medically tailored meals, Latonia is healthier and she and her son have enough to eat. “Before getting the meals, I was having to go see my doctor once or twice a month,” says Latonia.”Now I don’t have to go more than once every three or four months.”

Our Medically Tailored Meals

Medically tailored meals do more than alleviate hunger. They also improve health and enhance overall health in our communitites and our state. Along with our sister agencies around the country, we collect data to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of our meals, and share the results to demonstrate the benefits of providing food as medicine to people who are chronically ill.

Medically tailored meals contribute to:

Lower health care costs

Reduced hospital readmission rates

Improved health and wellbeing