Annalise Felde: Volunteer of the Month

December 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Annalise Felde, satellite coordinator and meal delivery driver. Annalise was nominated by Distribution and Delivery Manager Matt Nigro. Here’s what Matt had to say about Annalise:

Annalise has been such a wonderful team member, volunteering as our eyes and ears at First Plymouth Church. This location serves as our distribution center for deliveries in southern metro Denver.  As satellite coordinator, Annalise works very hard to ensure all drivers load their cars, feel comfortable with their routes, and hit the road as quickly as possible.

Annalise started volunteering with Project Angel Heart in 2016 and, over that time, she has really gone above and beyond by increasing her volunteer schedule, completing impromptu deliveries when a driver is absent and, overall, ensuring that everything goes according to plan each Saturday.

Our mission runs smoothly because of you, Annalise! We are tremendously proud of the work you do and are grateful to have you as a volunteer!