Client Profile: Mary

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Client Profile: Mary

We’d like to introduce you to Mary. Mary is one of thousands of Coloradans living with life-threatening illness who, due to financial obstacles, face the cruel choice of paying for food or medicine.

On top of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the 65-year-old has also been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and most recently, Type 2 diabetes. Unable to work, Mary’s expensive medical treatments quickly made it a challenge to afford proper nutrition.

“I was unable to eat anything but bologna sandwiches and vegetables. I began to lose weight rapidly. My church and friends did all they could to help…but it wasn’t enough. My doctor became very worried about my overall health,” Mary says.

Fortunately, Mary was referred to Project Angel Heart in 2009 and has been receiving nutritious, medically-appropriate meals at her home ever since.

“Your meals, especially the extra breakfast and milk items, have stabilized me completely,” Mary reports. “Thank you and God bless you one and all.”

Client-Profile-MaryYou can make sure Mary, and other Coloradans living with illnesses like cancer, and kidney failure, receive life-saving nutrition by making a donation to Project Angel Heart. Every $50 gift provides a weekly meal bag to a man, woman, or child in need.

Monthly donations double meals
Thanks to a grant from the Lu Foundation, all new and increased monthly gifts made to Project Angel Heart’s Bread & Butter Club by Dec. 31, 2014 will be DOUBLED over the next year (up to a total of $50,000).

This is an opportunity that means everything to our work. It will allow us to buy twice the food and reach a larger number of people with life-sustaining nutrition.

When it comes to fighting hunger, every gift counts.

Your Monthly Gift Will be doubled to become Which will provide
$7.50 (25¢ a day) $15.00 20 lbs of fresh broccoli to be used in client meals throughout the month
$15 (50¢ a day) $30.00 Four nourishing meals for someone fighting a life-threatening illness
$30 ($1 a day) $60.00 50 lbs. of onions to incorporate into client meals throughout the month
$60 ($2 a day) $120.00 Two full weeks’ worth of meals and sides prepared in our kitchen and delivered directly to a client’s home by a caring volunteer

To join the Bread & Butter Club, change/update your information, or increase/decrease your current gift level, contact Jamie Nettles, Development Coordinator, at or (303) 830-0202 x434.