Client Story: Sally


Most people have no problem preparing healthy meals at home. But for Sally, 65, and thousands of other Coloradans living with life-threatening illnesses, simple tasks like using a stove are nearly impossible.

As a result of COPD and the autoimmune disease lupus, Sally struggles with dizziness and severe fatigue every day. She also lives alone and is legally-blind, which prevents her from accessing healthy, nutritious food on a regular basis. Fortunately, she was referred to Project Angel Heart in February of 2014 and now receives medically-appropriate meals delivered to her home every week, at no cost.

“I want to thank you for putting me on your frozen meal delivery program so quickly,” she says. “They’ve made such a positive difference to my health the past month, and they’re delicious. [The meals] taste like 5-star restaurant meals. Your meals are a blessing.”