Survey Says…Clients Value Meals and Experience With Volunteers


Each year, we survey everyone who receives our meals to see how well we are meeting their needs. We recently finished gathering data for our 2019 survey, and the results show just how much clients enjoy our delicious meals.

Our impact study showed that our medically tailored meals reduce hospital readmissions and medical costs while improving health and self-sufficiency for the chronically ill Coloradans who receive them. And they also taste great! Eighty-seven percent of clients rated our food as good or excellent.

Clients surveyed appreciate the variety in our meals as well. Most of our meals will not repeat within a 90-day period, and our chefs work hard to create meals from all over the world. Our clients notice the diversity of flavors; 79 percent rated the variety of our meals as good or great.

Clients also appreciate the personal interaction they have with the volunteers who deliver the meals. Ninety-nine percent of clients rated their experience with volunteers as good or great.

“I wanted to express how appreciative I am of Project Angel Heart. The volunteers who deliver the meals are always so nice and they always greet me, your client services staff are always informative (especially when I first started), and the meals are delicious,” one client said. “I love how you have many different diet options that conform to my special diet. My compliments to the chef. Thank you for everything! You are wonderful!”