COVID-19 Volunteer FAQ

Thank you for volunteering with Project Angel Heart. We developed this FAQ to address some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve received from volunteers during the COVID-19 public health crisis. If your question isn’t addressed below, please contact Mark Smith (for volunteers in Metro Denver) or Sally Rothstein (for volunteers in Colorado Springs).

What type of protective gear does Project Angel Heart offer to volunteers?

In addition to safety training, every volunteer is provided an ample supply of gloves to protect them during deliveries (at least one pair per drop off) or during a kitchen shift (at least one pair per task). We do not recommend masks. Because they are in short supply, we feel strongly that effective masks need to be prioritized for healthcare workers and hospitals. If you have a mask, you are welcome to wear it.

Are the delivery bags safe to handle? Have they been disinfected?

All of our bags are stored in our freezer for at least 24 hours before use. We have been assured by health authorities that this temperature and time will adequately kill any potential pathogens on the surface. Additionally, we have stopped accepting bags that have spent time away from our controlled facility to further lower the chance anyone is exposed to illness. You are welcome to handle bags with gloves.

Do volunteers have enough social distance to do their work effectively?

We have implemented new social distancing practices in the kitchen and the distribution area of our facility. These practices allow volunteers space to work and feel comfortable. If, at any point during your shift in our facility, you feel uncomfortable with the space you’ve been given, please alert a staff member immediately. We value the commitment you made to us and want you to be as safe as our clients. Similarly, please help us encourage other volunteers to follow this practice. No hugging, no handshakes, no high fives – we’ll have plenty of time for all of those when this is all over.

For delivery drivers, our new protocols try to provide as much distance between volunteer and client as possible. PLEASE read and follow the instructions that come with your delivery. We are changing our processes based on requests made by our clients.

Trainings for new volunteers will be held outside, online (if this is an option), or by video. We will work with you to make sure you can be trained safely.

Can I bring a friend or family member (from my immediate household) to volunteer?

Please do not volunteer with someone who is not a member of your immediate household. If you wish to volunteer with someone who is part of your household, please make sure they are pre-registered with our team; to do so, contact us at (Denver area) or (Colorado Springs area). The person you wish to volunteer with must meet our screening requirements, meaning they are adhering to the “stay at home” order issued by the Governor, have not been exposed to COVID-19, etc. Finally, all volunteers must be feeling 100 percent well while volunteering.  

Will I be required to go to public spaces or to be around other people to do a delivery?

Some of our clients live in high-rise apartments or larger buildings. Unfortunately, we are not able to sort for delivery routes that only go to single-family homes. We do provide gloves that you may use and then discard after exiting a building. If you have additional concerns about being in spaces that other people use, we ask you not to volunteer.

I am delivering meals to a senior living community that isn’t allowing visitors.

Some of our clients live in controlled facilities. In these cases, please refer to your delivery instructions. We have asked our clients who live in these facilities to meet drivers at the entrance. Per our new protocol, you do not need to hand bags to clients. You can leave them at the entrance to the building for the client. If you do not feel comfortable leaving the bag for any reason, please take it with you and contact Client Services at the number provided in your instructions.