Don’t Forget To Call Out for Volunteer Shifts

A policy reminder to our volunteers:

We truly appreciate and admire what you do for Project Angel Heart and our clients, and we couldn’t operate without you! Since we do rely so heavily on your hard work, it helps us a great deal when you notify us about your absences with enough time for us to find a replacement for you.

Don’t forget to let us know when you need to miss a shift.

  • Denver volunteers: call 303.407.9422 or fill out our online absence form.
  • Colorado Springs volunteers: call 719.323.0084 or email Sally.

Please keep in mind that any time you can’t come in or deliver a route, you are missed- and we also need to fill your spot ASAP! Knowing about your absences ahead of time helps us keep up our normal pace of operations. Thank you for your help!