Eddie Pinckney: Volunteer of the Month


March 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Nominated by volunteer Patty Polsky

Matt Nigro (L) and Eddie Pinckney (R),
Shuttle Driver

“I am nominating Eddie Pinckney for Volunteer of the Month! Eddie has been a volunteer since December of 2016. Eddie is a shuttle driver at Queen of Peace and he is a great asset to our group of shuttle and delivery drivers.

Eddie is always on-time and has a smile on his face. He helps us unload the bags from his vehicle and then helps many of the drivers get their bags to their cars. He is friendly, helpful to everyone, and waits to make sure all the route drivers show up. He doesn’t hesitate to take a load of bags back to Project Angel Heart — even if he wasn’t planning to go back that way right away. If someone needs a phone number, Eddie is at-the-ready and happy to share any information he has that will assist in resolving a situation.

It’s a pleasure to see Eddie at Queen of Peace almost every week and know that he’ll do whatever he can to get the drivers on the road promptly and make the day go as smoothly as possible! Hats off to Eddie!!!”

Congratulations Eddie, we all appreciate you!