Mom and daughter sitting at the table enjoying a Project Angel Heart meal


We believe in the power of good nutrition to improve health and well-being for all people, but especially for those living with severe illnesses. Our team of chefs and registered dietitians creates menus tailored to each clients’ diagnoses, food texture needs, allergies, medications, and other factors. 

Are you living with or caring for someone with a severe diagnosis? These resources can help people coping with illness make sure the food they eat supports their treatment plan while helping them avoid unwanted side effects or malnutrition.

Nutrition Guides

Get nutrition tips and recipes specific to your diagnosis. We offer nutrition guides for the following diagnoses: cancer, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and HIV/AIDS. If you’re cooking for yourself or a loved one who is ill, download a free guide. They’re full of easy tips, guidelines, ideas, and recipes from the Project Angel Heart kitchen that you can make at home.

Have Questions?

See our Client Meals FAQ for additional information or contact our Client Services team at, 303.830.0202, select option 1, then option 2, or 800.381.5612