A Fresh Take: Updated Mission and Vision Statements

Crunchy carrots. Juicy red apples. Meat that comes from healthy, responsibly raised animals. When it comes to food, we like to keep things fresh.

But the value of fresh goes far beyond food. We also appreciate fresh ideas, new perspectives, and pioneering solutions. We work hard to remain relevant and to focus on the issues that matter most in our community. And so, this year, we’re rolling out updated mission and vision statements:

Our Mission

We improve health and well-being for people with life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering medically tailored meals and promoting the power of food as medicine.

Our Vision

Our community is healthier, happier, and stronger because nutritious food is valued as a key component of health and available to all who need it.

What’s new? A broader focus, more emphasis on how medically tailored meals improve health, and a bigger vision for the future. Together, we’re doing important and life-changing work that’s improving quality of life for our neighbors, and also influencing health practitioners, educators, caregivers, and chronically ill people around the country.