Gina Torres: Volunteer of the Month


April 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Nominated by volunteer Steve Bailey

I am nominating Gina Torres for Volunteer of the Month! Gina started volunteering during the beginning of the pandemic when she saw there was a call for meal delivery drivers. Once Gina began, I could see a trend – Gina is usually first in line to pick up meals every Friday, beating my long-standing record (friendly competition) and always offers to take an additional route if needed.

Picture of Gina Torres, Project Angel Heart volunteer and other smiling volunteers packing meals
Gina Torres (far left), office assistant, distribution assistant,
and meal delivery driver

Soon after she started, Gina began to help in a few other places – whenever and wherever there was a need. Sometimes Gina volunteered four days a week and took on any and every task that came her way!

Gina is a complete delight to be around, is courteous and friendly at every turn. Gina genuinely cares about the clients, the staff, and her fellow volunteers! Thank you, Gina, for your selfless gifts and your commitment to Project Angel Heart.

Congratulations Gina, we all appreciate you!