Have a Little Extra Time and a Big Heart? Shuttle Drivers Needed!


Looking for a new way to help? Have an hour on Saturdays and a vehicle that can hold 30-50 meal bags? Or maybe you’re a delivery driver who wouldn’t mind coming to our office before your delivery?

We’re looking for shuttle drivers to help distribute meals to satellite delivery locations. Shuttle drivers pick up 30-50 meal bags from Project Angel Heart at 12 pm on Saturdays, then deliver them to a satellite site and unload them so delivery drivers may take them to clients. We currently need shuttle drivers to deliver to satellites in Aurora, Englewood, and Littleton.

Meal bags at Project Angel Heart“The best part about shuttle driving is the friendly volunteers and staff that always greet us with smiling faces week after week,” said Danny Rascon, a shuttle driver who has been volunteering with his wife since 2013. “We all almost become a family, getting to know each other and looking forward to every Saturday. We think new people should volunteer for the job because a lot of the time people think, ‘I am just too busy to help anyone by volunteering,’ until you get out there and do your part, and you get to make a difference in many peoples’ lives- it’s an unexplainable feeling of gratitude. Speaking for us alone, I can say that this is something that we both feel as if we plan on doing this for the rest of our lives, just a little of God’s work.”

Please contact Kris for more information about becoming a shuttle driver.