Meals Help Formerly Homeless Client Maintain Healthy Weight


Aaron, a 46-year-old man living with HIV/AIDS, has a place to call home, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, Aaron was first introduced to Project Angel Heart through the HOPE program, a day shelter for individuals with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing homelessness. Because these individuals don’t have an address and therefore have no way to reheat frozen meals, Project Angel Heart delivers hot meals daily for clients of the HOPE program.

When Aaron moved into his own apartment, staff from the Colorado AIDS Project helped him apply to have Project Angel Heart meals delivered to his home. Thanks in part to his weekly delivery of healthy meals, Aaron’s weight has improved, which not only improves the efficacy of his medications, but also helps him avoid infections. In fact, because keeping his weight stable is so important, Aaron also receives a bag full of breakfast items with his weekly delivery of meals.