Lori Wilson: Volunteer of the Month

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January 2023 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Volunteer of the Month Lori Wilson, front office assistant, kitchen assistant, special events. Lori was nominated by the volunteer resources team. Here’s what they had to say about Lori:

Lori started with Project Angel Heart in April 2021, volunteering in the front office weekly. Currently, Lori volunteers during the week and on weekends, bringing a warm presence to her roles.
Lori is quick to greet volunteers, clients, and staff. She has a gentle demeanor and grace. She is kind, compassionate, and always ready to lend a hand. In the kitchen, she is a rockstar—carrying large pans of food and dishing up like a professional! 
One staff member from Client Services said, “When I hand over a project to Lori, I know it will come back finished, timely, and perfect!” 
We are lucky to have Lori as a volunteer and grateful for her support and dedication!