Healthy Meals — And Laughter — Help Marriage Stay Strong


The moment Kitty heard Don’s voice, she knew he was the one. She was sitting on a bench outside of their shared apartment complex when he walked up to introduce himself. Kitty is blind, but instead of love at first sight, it was love at first word.

“We got to talking for a few minutes, and as we were talking I thought ‘thank you, Lord, he’s the one,” says Kitty.

Don says he knew it, too.

“I was hearing Chopin,” he jokes. But due to conflicting schedules, the two didn’t see each other again for many months despite living in the same building.

When they finally did, they picked up right where they left off. Don invited Kitty to his Thursday night Bible study group, and soon, he was inviting her to their first date – a shopping trip at the Cherry Creek Mall. They spent the next year falling deeper in love, until Don surprised even himself with a marriage proposal.

“In September of 2004 we came home to my apartment and we stood in the kitchen door,” says Kitty. “He said, ‘I think we make each other very happy, and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. I think I’m proposing.”

“I know the drill,” says Don. “But I was scared to death.”

Now, they’ve been loving and laughing together for 14 years.

“She’s taught me not to take life so seriously,” says Don. “I actually have PTSD and clinical depression, and she’s done more for me than any physician has ever done. She’s helped me a lot, and she does that for me on a daily basis.”

It’s not always easy. Don faces heart failure and kidney disease, and in addition to being blind, Kitty suffers from asthma. Their medicine? Sharing their faith, love, laughter, and meals from Project Angel Heart.

Both receive Project Angel Heart meals, Don for his health conditions and Kitty as a dependent. They say the meals have helped them live healthier, better lives. The meals also help give them more time together.

That time is spent laughing over cartoons, an unabashed joy for both of them.

“We’re still kids at heart,” says Kitty. “After learning about him and finding out he likes cartoons like Huckleberry Hound and cartoons from way back in the 1960s, I thought ‘wow…we got something here together.’”

“I’m 70 and I’m wearing my Rugrats socks!” says Don.

Their time together is also spent sharing delight for all the little things. A favorite past time between the two is a game called “shlink,” when Kitty throws laundry across the room at Don while sorting it.

“It’s not fun unless it knocks something over I have clean up,” says Don. “Sometimes she’ll knock over the lamp, I think it’s a riot. If you went up to our room right now, you might find a sock hanging off a book.”

They treasure their frequent trips together to King Soopers, or downtown to go window shopping. They laugh at the dozens of teasing nicknames they’ve invented for one another, like “silky” or “Nessun dorma” for Don’s love of opera. Marriage is hard work, they say, but it’s also about keeping it simple and treasuring what you have.

“What I love about you, Kitty, is that you love everything. You can pick up a pinecone and think it’s the most beautiful thing,” Don tells her. “It’s about loving the little things. Not small things, but the little things.”

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