Meet Alexandra

How long have you been with Project Angel Heart and how has your role evolved since you first started?

Alex at St Mary’s Glacier, hiking with her husband.
It was a beautiful day!

I started working full-time at Project Angel Heart at the beginning of the pandemic. So much has changed! Due to COVID-19, there were a lot fewer employees working in the building with a very small group of volunteers. This gave me the opportunity to prepare myself for where we stand now in the volunteer department. I am currently working with office volunteers, some kitchen volunteers, and corporate groups. Meeting both new and old volunteers that dedicate their time to help fulfill our mission has been so rewarding!

What have been some of your biggest challenges and/or lessons within your new role?

There have been some bumps in the road this year, some minor and some major. Through them all, we manage to stay positive and make sure that the work is done. The support from the staff and our volunteers make this happen! There will always be challenges in life, but it keeps things interesting. It has been a real treat working with our volunteers and to witness the flexibility and compassion that they bring to Project Angel Heart!

What do you like most about working in Volunteer Resources?

There would be no Project Angel Heart without our volunteers. I came to know Project Angel Heart as a volunteer myself, and I am now blessed to be a full-time employee, working in the volunteer department. My favorite part of working in this department is meeting and working alongside so many dedicated volunteers. I am truly lucky to be able to witness – and be inspired by – the dedication and compassion for our mission on a daily basis! We have such a great team and support each other with each part of our job! 

If you had 24 hours to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

Just as with all of you, I miss my family and friends! So, if I had 24 hours to do anything that I would like, during the day I would have a large party with family and then we would head over to Red Rocks for an intimate concert with family and friends! The show would include about 10-15 of my favorite bands. Considering that I like all kinds of different music — from Taylor Swift to DMB to Dave Grohl — how amazing would it be if they all agreed to play at one show?

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