Meet Madison

We’re pleased to introduce Madison Gilstrap, Project Angel Heart’s nutrition services & distribution assistant. You’ll often see Madison on the dish-up line or working in and around the freezers or the distribution area!

How long have you been with Project Angel Heart and how has your role evolved since you first started?

I have been with Project Angel Heart since the middle of May 2021. Since my start, I have increased my part-time position to full-time, which means plenty more time with our incredible volunteers! I have also adopted the role of freezer chief making that frozen oasis my new home on the weekends and throughout the week. It sure is chilly, but luckily I have a freezer suit fitted with a fur hood.

Madison riding a snowboard on a snowy mountain. She is waving at the camera.
Madison learning to snowboard in Breckenridge in 2020

What have been some of your biggest challenges and/or lessons within your new role? 

The biggest challenge I have faced thus far would have to be acquiring the strength to lift frozen veggies and pans full of prepped proteins for dish-up! Moreover, I have learned a very valuable lesson in asking for help and finding more comfort in working with others in a team way.

What do you like most about working at Project Angel Heart? 

The volunteers of Project Angel Heart are who inspire me to be my very best self here! I have never experienced a lovelier community of people coming together for the greater good. I feel lucky to work for and with all of the fabulous humans on both the nutrition services team and the distribution team. Being across two teams [nutrition services and distribution] is extra special because I get to interact with more people, and if you know me, I love people!

Madison rock climbing in Canyon Creek over Tunnel #4

If you had 24 hours to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? 

If I had 24 hours to do anything, I would spend the day with my family. My parents are two of the coolest humans I know, so a perfect day would have to include them. It would start with coffee and a hike in our favorite mountain town, Breckenridge. After the hike it would be ridiculous to not stop and have sushi at Sakura, my favorite spot in Indianapolis, Indiana. A brief hammock break in the afternoon followed by a small climbing session to fill in the hours before the next meal would be ideal! The day would then conclude with a dinner at Dishoom in London followed by cuddles on the couch while watching a Harry Potter movie.

What’s your favorite meal? 

My favorite meal in the whole world is shrimp and grits. Lariat Lodge in Evergreen has some of the best; my mom and dad offer a close second!

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