Meet Meghan

How long have you been with Project Angel Heart, and how has your role evolved since you first started?

Meghan and her dog, Barney, are sitting by Priest Lake, enjoying the view and soaking up the sun on the family’s campervan road trip to Telluride, Colorado, in 2019.

I started working at Project Angel Heart in October 2016. When I first started, I did the nutrition analysis of our meals and ensured they met our evidence-based nutrition standards, which we still do! Most of that is taken care of by our Nutrition Services team, Aaron Strock, Dietetic Technician, and Kevin Giles, Modified Meals Nutritionist.

My job as the registered dietitian and Nutrition Services Manager has grown to include providing nutrition education and counseling for our clients to help them meet their nutrition goals. I also support my team running the “dish-up line” to ensure our client’s meals are modified and appropriately portioned to meet their medical nutrition needs.

What have been some of your biggest challenges and/or lessons within your new role?

My biggest lesson has also been one of the things I have enjoyed the most about this job; learning how to work with the kitchen to ensure our meals are nutritious (my job) and remained enjoyable (the kitchen’s job). It has been a pleasure, and a challenge finding ways to meet our nutrition goals while ensuring the meals we produce are still delicious and approachable for our clients.

What do you like most about working at Project Angel Heart and with the Nutrition Services team?

I appreciate the deep commitment to our mission that the staff and volunteers at Project Angel Heart showcase daily. I’m inspired to work with people who care so much for our community and the people living there. The Nutrition Services team is a relatively new addition to Project Angel Heart’s organization, so I have enjoyed learning alongside them and benefitting from their different areas of expertise.

If you had 24 hours to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

I could spend the entire day outside—whether that be hiking in the mountains with our dog Barney, sitting on the beach (or near any body of water for that matter!), or exploring a new city in a different state/country with my husband, Brad.

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