Nadine Abrahams: Volunteer of the Month

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March 2023 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Volunteer of the Month Nadine Abrahams, Pueblo meal delivery driver. Nadine was nominated by the volunteer resources team. Here’s what they had to say about her:

Nadine has been supporting Project Angel Heart for nearly a decade! She started volunteering in Denver in 2013 as a kitchen assistant and has since transitioned to delivering meals in Pueblo. Every Saturday morning, Nadine arrives with the biggest smile on her face—ready to help in any way we may need.

Nadine has saved the day multiple times on delivery days. Whenever we are short a meal delivery driver, she is always willing to take an extra route to ensure our clients get their meals.

Anyone who has ever volunteered with Nadine is familiar with the warm presence she brings everywhere she goes. She has the kindest heart and a soul made of gold.

We’re lucky to have Nadine as a volunteer and grateful for her support and dedication!

Nadine Abrahams