New Funding, Paperwork in Aurora

News for Referral Partners

As a nonprofit, we rely on donations and grants to run our program and provide meals free of charge. We recently received a new grant to support our home-delivered meals in Aurora. Due to the federal requirements for the grant, we must collect additional paperwork from our clients, and we need your help explaining these forms and encouraging your clients and patients in Aurora to return them.

This federal grant require us to collect the following from clients living in Aurora:

We ask that you help explain these documents to clients and encourage them to sign the attached affidavits with their application or health update. If a client does not sign or return the forms, uses marijuana, or is not a legal resident, this will NOT affect their current service or their eligibility for future service. Assumptions about clients’ residency status and/or marijuana use will not be inferred if this paperwork is not returned. Securing these documents from as many clients as possible will only help us access new funding to support our program, allowing us to continue to provide meals for free.

Thank you for your help. If you have questions, please contact a member of our client services team at 303.830.0202.