Nutrition During And After Cancer Treatment

Project Angel Heart Cancer Nutrition GuideWondering what to eat if you or a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer.

The symptoms and treatments for someone with breast cancer may be very different than those for a person living with pancreatic or throat cancer. Your genetics also play a role in the aggressiveness of your cancer and in the way that it is treated.

While specific nutrition guidance for different types of cancer will vary, eating well before, during, and after treatments is a key part of your ability to recover quickly and minimize side effects. There may be times you or your loved one doesn’t feel like eating, but keep in mind the many benefits of eating nutritious food when living with cancer:

  • Gives you more energy, making self-care easier   
  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Lessens side effects from treatment          
  • Lowers your risk of infection
  • Helps your body rebuild muscle
  • Helps you avoid missing treatments           
  • Improves how you feel while improving your chances of surviving cancer

We’ve created a simple guide to help people with cancer make wise nutrition choices while managing their illness. The guide contains simple suggestions for dealing with a variety of cancer-related symptoms and side effects, food safety tips, and three recipes from the Project Angel Heart kitchen.