Our Challenge To Nourish Our Community

Where do we even begin? Our hearts are broken. We are grieving for George Floyd. For Breonna Taylor. For Ahmaud Arbery. And for the countless other Black Americans who have been victims of racism and hate.

We recognize that nourishing our community goes far beyond providing nutritious meals. It includes recognizing and calling out racial injustice, and working to eliminate the systemic issues that fuel inequality.

We are grieving for our staff, volunteers, clients, and friends who are affected by racial injustice and, simultaneously, by a lack of action from allies.

Today, we’d normally be posting our menu and talking about the medically tailored meals we’ll be making for our clients this week. But we need to talk about racism. The sad truth is that, while food insecurity and poor health can affect all people, people of color are disproportionately impacted by both. And, while our meals are there for all people who need them, what can Project Angel Heart do to better address the systemic issues contributing to hunger and health issues for people of color in the first place?

This is our challenge. We need to do more to fix this.