Health Care Partnerships

Improve Member or Patient Health With Medically Tailored Meals

Use the power of nutrition to improve your members’ or patients’ health and reduce preventable health care costs.  We’re Colorado’s leader in preparing and delivering medically tailored meals to people living with severe illnesses, and we want to partner with you to support better health and recovery for your members or patients. 

Medically tailored meals are proven to reduce the risk of hospital readmission and/or prevent further health complications for people living with chronic disease. We contract with health systems and insurers to provide medically tailored meals to achieve key outcomes while reducing total care costs. Contact us today about helping your members or patients achieve better health.

What We Offer

High Quality, Delicious, Medically Tailored Meals

Our customized, made-from-scratch meals complement prescribed health regimens and aid in recovery.

Flexible Partnerships Based on Patient Needs

Through formalized partnerships, health care partners reduce members’ and/or patients’ risk for hospital readmission and achieve improved health outcomes, lower cost of care, and improved patient satisfaction.

Professional Team Equipped To Provide High Quality Service

  • HIPAA-compliant services
  • Flexible delivery schedule, including shipping to rural areas of Colorado
  • Streamlined billing
  • Client services team available to answer questions from you or your patients


Scotty, who was diagnosed with leukemia, received Project Angel Heart meals while undergoing treatment and recovering from a bone marrow transplant. The meals helped the former pirate treasure hunter, who was part of the crew that discovered the only fully authenticated pirate shipwreck ever recovered, stay strong and positve. “You guys send meals with all the nutrients,” said Scotty. “That’s been a great help, to help keep my body fit. Your body needs more than just pills.”

Research: Medically Tailored Meals

A wealth of data shows that medically tailored meals can improve health outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, and improve quality of life for people living with life-threatening and chronic conditions.

Case Study: Telligen QIN-QIO

We recently partnered with Telligen QIN-QIO to learn what impact pairing diabetes self-management education with medically tailored meals would have on people who received both. Find out what we learned!

Partner With Us

Contact us to learn about medically tailored meal options for your patients or members. 

Current Partners: Referral Form

If you have a current contract with Project Angel Heart, and would like to refer a client for meal deliveries, please download and return the form below.  Please note: For patients enrolled in HCBS transition services, a PAR that includes CPT Code S5170, ICD10, and Medicaid ID # must be submitted with the application.