Project Angel Heart Awarded Non-Profit of the Year by the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce

Project Angel Heart Awarded Non-Profit of the Year by the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce

Denver, CO (February 10, 2010)- The Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce awarded Project Angel Heart its Non-profit of the Year award for the agency’s outstanding service of providing nutritious meals to adults and children battling disease, at its Annual Luncheon on Wednesday at the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek.

The luncheon, titled Renewal & Reinvestment: Creating Wealth in our Community, highlighted individuals, businesses and non-profits that have advanced economic development in the Greater Cherry Creek neighborhood and beyond.

Project Angel Heart supports the critically ill in Metro Denver and Colorado Springs by preparing and delivering nutritious meals to individuals and families, at no cost. To its clients, the meal service not only provides vital nutrition essential in the fight against disease, but the service also provides a sense of independence and eases the strain on clients’ energy, finances, and time.

“A life-threatening disease can profoundly deteriorate a person’s quality of life,” said Erin Pulling, Executive Director at Project Angel Heart. “Thanks to our community supporters and corps of dedicated volunteers, we will continue to deliver life-sustaining nutrition to people who have nowhere else to turn, for as long as it takes,” she said.

Project Angel Heart began serving those battling disease in Denver in 1991, delivering meals to its first 12 clients from a single pan of donated lasagna. Most clients were battling HIV/AIDS and did not have the strength to leave their homes or prepare their own food. Since then, Project Angel Heart’s service has expanded exponentially. In 2009, the agency delivered over 410,000 nutritious meals to more than 1,800 clients with the support of more than 3,000 annual volunteers. This year, Project Angel Heart expects to serves more clients than in 2009, who are battling a variety of diseases including cancer, end-stage renal disease, chronic obtrusive pulmonary, diabetes, congestive heart failure and multiple sclerosis