Susan Llodra: Volunteer of the Month


May 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Nominated by Volunteer Resources Coordinator Alex Reinhardt

Susan Llodra, Kitchen Assistant &
Meal Delivery Driver

I am nominating Susan for Volunteer of the Month! Susan has been a stellar volunteer since she started back in 2019. Susan has been willing to help in every capacity; pitching in at a moment’s notice to fill a kitchen shift or deliver bags to our clients.

It’s Susan’s tremendous flexibility paired with a loving heart that has helped us get through many challenges that arose throughout the pandemic. There are countless times that we’ve been in a bind with scheduling volunteers and Susan has rushed in that same day to help on a shift.

We’ve given nearly every opportunity to Susan here at Project Angel Heart, and she’s taken all tasks with a wonderfully positive attitude. If the Volunteer Resources team had a speed-dial, Susan’s name would definitely be on it!

Congratulations Susan, we all appreciate you!