There’s no such thing as too much pie

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There’s no such thing as too much pie

By Ankit Shah, a Project Angel Heart volunteer

Ankit Shah
Pie seller Ankit Shah has volunteered in the Bread & Butter Club kitchen for two years 
Photo: Rick Kooker Photography

Pie in the Sky is my favorite fundraising event at Project Angel Heart. In addition to being one of several amazing events where charity and cheer come together to help provide meals to Coloradans with life threatening illnesses, there are also amazing, fresh-baked pies donated by Bluepoint Bakery in Denver.

As a pie seller, I get to help raise awareness for the organization’s mission, while also providing people with delicious pies for their Thanksgiving table. I won’t lie…I’ve definitely eaten a pie from Pie in the Sky for dinner several nights after the holiday too!

If you’ve never been involved with this event, I highly recommend asking around about it, and getting involved as a pie seller. As a pie seller, you’ll:

  • Make new friends with people who share your love of giving back to your community.
  • Have unfettered access to all the pie you can eat (and purchase).
  • Be loved among your peers because who doesn’t love the person who gives them pie?
  • Most importantly, you’ll help change the lives of people in your community one week at a time.

Being a pie seller is easy. Just set up your sales page on and start spreading the word through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (use #pieskyco), and if you were born before 1990, flyers, mailers and word of mouth.

Hopefully, you’ll look more into this great cause and get involved. Your only regret will be the 5 extra pounds you put on from eating too much pie yourself! Just kidding. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH PIE.