Volunteer of the Month: July 2018

Congratulations to Kary Graves and Michael Hall, distribution assistants and Volunteers of the Month for July 2018! Kary and Michael were nominated by two fellow volunteers, Charly Watts and Carol Bennett.

Charly said, “Kary and Mike are amazing volunteers! They come in early on the Thursday distribution shift to help with anything that needs to be done. They also stop at Denver Bread to bring in the weekly bread donation before their shift. During the shift, they move around seamlessly doing whatever needs to be done. They have amazing energy and are really dedicated workers.”

Carol said, “I call them the dynamic duo. Not only do they show up and do the physical work, they anticipate our needs! They also pick up donated bread before they do their Thursday workout. Such an inspiration to all!”

As Volunteers of the Month, Kary and Mike will enjoy a special dinner prepared by Project Angel Heart’s chefs. 

Do you know a volunteer that deserves recognition? Did you see someone go the extra mile? Nominate them for Volunteer of the Month! You can nominate someone here or by filling out the paper nomination forms located in the break room in our Denver office.