Volunteer of the Month: September 2018

Congratulations to Kevin McLane, kitchen assistant and volunteer of the month for September 2018! Kevin was nominated by Nancy Blevins, Project Angel Heart’s volunteer resources coordinator. Nancy said:

“Kevin McLane has been a volunteer at Project Angel Heart since 2010 and has provided more than 1,500 hours of service to the organization. Kevin started volunteering in our Garfield Street kitchen, and when he reported for his first shift, the kitchen put him to work cooking. Kevin has been helping our chefs ever since. Kevin’s regular duties include steaming and sautéing, but he is always willing to fill in on the line, help with packing breakfast bags or meal enhancements, or jump in and help sort and store large quantities of cereal. Project Angel Heart appreciates Kevin’s passion for our mission and his years of commitment.”

Kevin stirs up something tasty in the Project Angel Heart kitchen.

As volunteer of the month, Kevin will enjoy a special dinner prepared by Project Angel Heart’s chefs. 

Do you know a volunteer that deserves recognition? Did you see someone go the extra mile? Nominate them for Volunteer of the Month! You can nominate someone here or by filling out the paper nomination forms located in the break room in our Denver office.