Volunteer of the Month: July 2017

Congratulations to Fred Brockmeyer, Denver meal delivery driver and Volunteer of the Month for July 2017! Fred was nominated by client services manager Brandy Brogran. Brandy said:

“Fred has been delivering meals for Project Angel Heart since March of 1994, and always comes in with a smile! Fred typically delivers on Wednesdays each week, but is also available as a back-up for Monday deliveries. When we call, Fred is always cheerful and never says he can’t deliver. Fred will drive to any part of town, and truly saves the staff a tremendous amount of time! Last month, Fred drove 22 miles one way to ensure one client had their meals for the week. The client services team is extremely grateful to have such a dedicated volunteer to support us!”

Fred has been delivering meals for more than 20 years!

As Volunteer of the Month, Fred will enjoy a special dinner prepared by Project Angel Heart’s chefs.

Do you know a volunteer that you think should receive special recognition? Did you see someone go the extra mile? Take a few minutes to nominate them for Volunteer of the Month! You can nominate someone here, or by filling out the paper nomination forms located in our staff and volunteer break room in our Denver office.