Volunteer of the Month: June 2017

Betty scooping vegetables during her Thursday morning kitchen shift.

Congratulations to Betty Woolsey, Denver kitchen assistant and Volunteer of the Month for June 2017! Betty was nominated by fellow volunteer Teresa Toomey. Teresa said:

“Betty has been a devoted and loyal kitchen assistant on the Thursday morning crew for close to 10 years. Her spunk and wit on ‘the line’ keeps us all on our toes and I always learn what movies are worth seeing as she is a film aficionado! She is consistently at her shift early and never shies away from cleaning up the mess afterwards. Betty will be celebrating her 87th birthday this July and is showing NO signs of slowing down in any way! Anyone who has lived that long has endured their own personal and family issues and she has done so with courage and stoic strength, something I think we don’t appreciate as much as we should from the ‘older, less pampered’ generation. I have so much respect for Betty, and she deserves this honor SO much!”

As Volunteer of the Month, Betty will enjoy a special dinner prepared by Project Angel Heart’s chefs.

Do you know a volunteer that you think should receive special recognition? Did you see someone go the extra mile? Take a few minutes to nominate them for Volunteer of the Month! You can nominate someone here, or by filling out the paper nomination forms located in our staff and volunteer break room in our Denver office.