Volunteer of the Month: November 2019


Congratulations to Alena and Chuck Spangler, our volunteers of the month for November 2019! Alena and Chuck, distribution volunteers in Colorado Springs, were nominated by Colorado Springs regional manager Sally Rothstein and Colorado Springs distribution and volunteer assistant Tiana Clark.

We are delighted to recognize Alena and Chuck Spangler as the November 2019 Volunteers of the Month. Alena and Chuck began delivering meals to Project Angel Heart clients in Colorado Springs in November, 2015, and soon after began helping as distribution assistants. Early on, they generously offered to help with both Saturday morning volunteer tasks as needed, and whether they deliver meals, help organize meals, or do both, they continue to serve cheerfully and with a passion for our mission.  In addition to enjoying their company a great deal, we also appreciate the high value they bring by being incredibly dependable and suggesting ways our processes can be both as efficient and effective as possible.  This all being said, perhaps a best way they’ve improved our Saturday mornings is by inviting their now 10-year old granddaughter, Addy, to join them.  At first, Addy contributed to our mission by artfully decorating meal bags on Saturday mornings. Then it became clear she had a knack for our distribution process, and we now look forward to her bubbly energy and helpful spirit whenever she joins us. We are warmed by this family who has a heart for serving their community, and we are all better because and are sure glad they choose to do this with us.

Do you know a volunteer that deserves recognition? Did you see someone go the extra mile? Nominate them for Volunteer of the Month! You can nominate someone here or by filling out the paper nomination forms located in the break room in our Denver office.