Volunteer Spotlight: Kori Magallanez

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Have you heard the famous Margaret Mead quote, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world?” Well, for Project Angel Heart in Colorado Springs, that group is the regional council!

Six enthusiastic, connected members of the Colorado Springs community serve on Project Angel Heart’s regional council. As goodwill ambassadors for the organization, they volunteer to promote our mission, assist with fundraising and events like the Labels of Love meal bag art show and Cocktails in the Kitchen parties, and connect new people, partners, and donors to Project Angel Heart. Their leader? Kori Magallanez, who co-chairs the council alongside Sally Rothstein, Project Angel Heart’s Colorado Springs regional manager. 

How did you first get involved with Project Angel Heart? Why did you decide to join the regional council?

Chef Jon [Project Angel Heart’s executive chef from 2006-2016] introduced me to the organization, and the mission fills a need I was familiar with from my work in healthcare. I started volunteering as a delivery driver as a way to expose my two young kids to community service. Joining the regional council was a way for me to deepen my engagement with Project Angel Heart and use my skills to support in a different way.

What’s your favorite part of being involved in the regional council?

We have an amazing group of people who truly have a heart for the organization’s mission and are willing to use their time, abilities and community connections to enable success in Colorado Springs. Being surrounded by that expertise and energy is my favorite part. I love seeing this group be effective, and we have a ton of fun doing it!

The Colorado Springs regional council. From left: Chris Zwirlein, Kori Magallanez, Jennifer Hill, Randy Lindsay-Brisbin, Gary Morse, Christopher Abby, and Sally Rothstein, Project Angel Heart’s Colorado Springs regional manager.

Any interesting anecdotes, or something other volunteers and supporters might be surprised to learn about your volunteer role? 

As I’ve learned more about Project Angel Heart, I’m continuously impressed by how well run this organization is. There is a LOT of activity happening in Colorado Springs, and with just two staff here, they rely on regional council and community outreach team volunteers to help engage the community with our mission.

What are the regional council’s proudest accomplishments from this year?

We have grown community connections in several ways, and we are so excited to see that turn into investments by partners that allow us to better serve clients. It’s gratifying to see how meaningful that can be to the person making the investment.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming year? 

Every year we hone our strategy so we can be more effective, and I always look forward to improving. At the same time, new opportunities often come from something we hadn’t planned, so I’m excited to see what comes up this year. Our volunteers are one of our greatest assets, so if you have a connection in your personal or professional network that you think would find meaning in this organization, tell them about Project Angel Heart! Take them along on a delivery or introduce them to Sally and Amy (or, if you’re in Denver, one of the staff members there). Your small effort could enable us to serve an additional client, and you’ve seen first-hand what these meals mean to our clients.

What’s your favorite food?

I travel with my own supply of chocolate – I’m that addicted!