Dear volunteers,

When the weather turns, we brace ourselves at Project Angel Heart and ask ourselves key questions: Will all of our clients’ meals be delivered? Will our vendors be able to deliver ingredients? Will our volunteers be able to make it in?

We want you to know that when the weather is bad, it may actually be the time we rely on our volunteers the most. There are so many unknowns that arise with winter, like the ones listed above, and being sure we have the volunteers we so depend on helps ensure that our clients will get the nutritious food they need. It’s with that in mind that we kindly ask the following:

If the weather is bad—be it rain, snow, sleet, or volcano—we ask all volunteers who are able to safely make it in for their scheduled shifts to please do so. 

If there’s a great blizzard and conditions are too dangerous to drive, we’ll cancel volunteer shifts and contact you to let you know. Otherwise, we’d be thrilled if you could come in and join us for a cozy volunteer session. When the majority of a volunteer crew stays home, we’re unable to get all the day’s chopping, dishing up, packing, or deliveries completed. 

We know traffic is a pain. We know driving in snow or rain is a pain. But being able to ensure that our clients receive the meals which they so depend on is worth it. We know we’ll be here.

Thank you so much for all of your continued dedication and service! We love our volunteers, and we’ll have a warm welcome waiting.

Thank you!
Mark Smith & Sally Rothstein
Volunteer Resources Manager & Colorado Springs Regional Manager