Client Profile: Nancy


Client Profile: Nancy

Nancy, 69, has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and relies on a walker and a wheelchair for mobility. Multiple Sclerosis causes individuals to have an unsteady gait, dizziness, and frequent falls; all situations that Nancy currently struggles with. Nancy also has Peripheral Neuropathy which causes weakness and numbness in her hands and feet. These various conditions all hinder her ability to shop for food and prepare her own meals.

With the weekly meal deliveries to Nancy, she has better access to healthy, nutritious meals on a regular basis. She reported that since starting the meal deliveries with Project Angel Heart in June 2013, she has had less stress about purchasing and preparing food. She also told us that the meals have helped her maintain a healthy weight and she has noticed an improvement in her energy level.

“To all of you – thank you for all your wonderful food. I eat only your meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner with water and/or milk. Your bread is such a treat – this week it was a hot pepper bread and one that had pumpkin seeds.

“Today I had Piquant Chicken – Oh la la! – It was spicy! It probably cauterized my throat – which is a good thing. Yesterday I had a fish meal for breakfast; so delicious! I ate the whole fish in that one meal. Couscous is so much fun too. Your titles have made me go back to my old dictionary. You already know this – Piquant from the French ‘piquer’ meaning ‘agreeably stimulating the palate’… and it did.

Before Project Angel Heart, I never ate a real, full meal and that was causing a lot of problems with my MS. I hope you can take this for the manner in which is sent – with a lot of gratitude.”