Give up a latte to give food security to people in need

Give up a latte, give food security

Would you give five dollars a month (or more) to help improve the quality of life of thousands of Coloradans each year? That’s all it takes to join the Bread & Butter Club, Project Angel Heart’s monthly gift program. Volunteer Steve Bailey joined three years ago, and since then has helped Project Angel Heart prepare, and deliver hundreds of meals for people living with life-threatening illness.

Volunteer Steve Bailey preps vegetables in the Bread & Butter Kitchen.

The answer to why he gives so much is simple, “It feels good,” he says. Being a Bread & Butter Club member allows him to spread his annual gift over twelve months, which makes him feel more committed to the organization. “I’m involved each month,” he says. “I prefer to give my money to charities where I can also spend my time because then I’m emotionally involved and feel like I’m truly giving.”

Steve’s membership also allows him to connect with other hardworking and energetic community members who “aren’t focused on themselves.” “I think if you’re of service to others,” he says, “all of a sudden your problems seem very small.”

The financial commitment is small too. “Cut out one latte a month,” Steve suggests, “and if you cut out one a month you can cut out six, and now you’re at the thirty dollar threshold and you get invited to the party.” The party is the annual Bread & Butter Club appreciation event for members who give $30 or more a month.

Thanks to a grant from the Lu Foundation, all new and increased Bread & Butter Club gifts made in 2014 will be matched dollar-for- dollar. There’s never been a better time to become a member, or increase the amount of your monthly gift. Get started by visiting our