Client Story: Ella


Ella, 48, was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer in the fall of 2014. She began chemotherapy and suffered nausea, dizziness and weight loss as a result of a decreased appetite.She was underweight and as a single mother, struggled to cook meals not only for herself, but also for her son.

As a result of her breast cancer treatment, Ella developed lymphedema, a common condition for individuals with breast cancer. Lymphedema causes painful fluid retention and tissue swelling throughout her body. This caused pain and unsteadiness and made it difficult for Ella to do daily activities. As Ella awaited reconstructive surgery, she was homebound, and unable to leave her home for groceries or food.

Project Angel Heart has served meals to Ella and her son since November 2014. With every weekly delivery, her family receives healthy, nutrient-dense meals, as well as breakfast items that help Ella work toward her goal weight. Healthy dietary habits can help cancer patients respond to treatment, and by adhering to a nutritious, well-balanced diet, patients can help protect themselves from metastasis (spreading of the original tumor).

Weekly meal deliveries from Project Angel Heart give Ella peace of mind knowing she and her son have a source of regular, healthy meals that help her stay strong and work toward better health.