Data Entry Volunteer Team Ensures New Clients Receive Delicious Nutrition They Need

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Client Services Volunteers (left to right): David, Kathy K, Mark, Nancy, Linda, Kathy D
Not pictured: Michelle

Guest post by Nic Soucy, client services assistant

The Client Services team at Project Angel Heart has many roles and responsibilities. One of the most essential is welcoming new clients to the program in a comprehensive phone intake. Entering clients’ applications into the Client Services database is a critical part of the intake process. It allows the team to view all relevant information about a client while speaking with them, including their medical diagnoses, dietary restrictions, and any mobility concerns or other factors that might make it challenging for them to retrieve their deliveries from the driver.

The team completes 60+ intakes per week, none of which would be possible without the dedicated support of our Client Services volunteers! David, Linda, Mark, Kathy D, Nancy, and Michelle dedicate hours of their week to perform the tedious task of entering countless details into an ever-changing database. At the same time, Kathy K spends every Saturday morning filing these applications and other related paperwork into client records.

Their dedication, especially over the past year, has been crucial in setting up new clients with meal deliveries and ensuring that our neighbors receive the nutrition they need. We could not be more grateful for this hard-working and detail-oriented group of volunteers who light up the office with their upbeat, can-do attitudes!

Thank you, client services data entry volunteer team!

Fast Facts

  • In just the past 6 months, our Client Services Data Entry Volunteers have entered a total of 856 applications into the database!
  • Of the client applications entered by our data entry volunteers, 77% have gone forward to set up meal services!
  • Data Entry Volunteers spent 10,272 minutes entering applications into the database in the past 6 months. That is over 171 hours that the Client Services team can instead spend calling new clients to set them up for deliveries — expediting the process of getting meals out the door!