Meet Jennifer: Dedicated Volunteer and (Now) Monthly Donor!

Working in the medical community, Bread & Butter Club member Jennifer Hill understands the important role of food as medicine. As a speech-language pathologist, she regularly works with clients who have difficulty swallowing and require altered food textures to eat safely. Many of them struggle to prepare safe and healthy meals at home.

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Why We’re Here: Part One

“Why do you work here?”

It’s a question we, the Project Angel Heart staff, get asked time and time again. The answer is different for each of us- and it’s what keeps us coming back to work each day. We’ll be sharing our answers in a series of posts, called “Why We’re Here.”

Meghan Perkins, registered dietitian

“Before I started working at Project Angel Heart, I counseled clients with chronic illnesses on how to change their diets to improve their health. One of the biggest barriers they faced was mustering the time, energy, and/or money to shop and cook the right food for themselves. Working at Project Angel Heart has allowed me to be a part of a significant solution to this overwhelming obstacle Continue reading