Does your employer offer a Dollars for Doers program?


After two years of delivering meals, volunteers and friends Anand Radhakrishnan and Vinesh Vijayan Leela found themselves wondering what else they could do for Project Angel Heart. They decided to go to their employer, TATA Consultancy Services Ltd., and ask if the company could make a donation in honor of their volunteer work.

Volunteers Vinesh and Anand at Project Angel Heart“My company’s corporate social responsibility head, Pam, gladly showed us the way, saying she could arrange [a donation of] around $500 for each of us if we could show at least 50 hours of volunteering for Project Angel Heart,” said Anand. After confirming his hours with us, all Anand had to do was submit his timesheets in order to secure the $1,000 donation for Project Angel Heart.

“I feel really delighted after getting the check, and Vinesh was also very excited,” said Anand. “This is really something I always wanted to do, since the very first day when I completed my delivery route. Meeting such nice people who get so delighted to see the meal bags really is a ray of hope. We are always thankful to Project Angel Heart to have provided us with such a splendid opportunity to return a bit to the society.”

Think your employer might be interested in providing a grant or other financial gift to Project Angel Heart in recognition of your volunteer efforts? Contact Hannah by email or at 303-830-0202 to find out how many volunteer hours you’ve contributed to Project Angel Heart, then ask your company if they offer a “dollars for doers” or other similar employee giving program.