Electronics Recycling Drive A Success

In September, many of you participated in Project Angel Heart’s annual electronics recycling drive hosted by the Green Team! We do this as a service for our volunteers and do not earn cash in exchange for turning in the items. Over a two-week period, volunteers from all over Denver and Colorado Springs brought endless printers, old cell phones, laptops, televisions, and some “rad” pagers that would normally find themselves in a landfill.

Because of you, we were able to divert over 500 pounds of recyclable material and help keep our state, country, and planet clean and healthy. Thanks to all who participated or helped share this amazing initiative!

Project Angel Heart’s Green Team is a group of environment-loving staff members that promote our organization’s value of sustainability. We meet each month to discuss our current efforts and explore new ways to instill lasting change, encourage non-destructive behaviors, and learn!